Thursday, March 16, 2006

Quality of quality

Its really amazing to realize that 'quality' is also qualitative.That is, an excelent quality to some frame of reference may not be an excelent for some other frame of reference.For a country like India some thing of best quality could be of inferier quality to the same thing of bad quality in America.

Standerd of life really plays an important role in determining quality. For a begger the term 'quality' does not have any importance as long as his necessities are being met.A country where goods to be exported are marked as 'Export Quality' and are of superier quality than the same product consumed in localy, is found to be a developeing one, whereas such distinction is not made in developed country.

Also if we think in terms of socio-economic way, in a social economy, Quality of quality tends to degrade due to lack of competition from other rivalaries, causing monopolization the market and producing poor quality and people have no chouce but to accept it, however in an open market, where competition is stiff, winner is often decided by the producer of best quality goods.

A Quality thinking to deliver best whatever we deliver can write a mission statement for a company, but to actually have a best quality, we should rather have a thinking of 'Accepting best to whatever we are supposed to get' and realizing it by heart.

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