Wednesday, March 02, 2011

House Shifting

Last week end we moved to a new apartment. This place is closer to Boston. Although my travel time has gone up significantly, I feel good for my wife, whose commute time has lessen from humongous 2 hours to 45-50 mins one way.

Looking back, I realize that I have lived in quite a few places in and outside India. Though some of my close friends may not buy this statement and blame me for sticking my ass in a place for ever, from my reference, I have lived in several places. May be I would have been living in many more places, had I not found my love in the city of Pune.

Keep moving, wherever your job takes you to. It is the demand of new workforce in a flat world. You never know where you would be working next month. Earlier, shifting a city didn’t seem to bother much, leave aside shifting a place. On the contrary, moving to new place used to make me excited. Dump all your clothes and other belongings in a bag, move on to a new place. If something is not worth taking along, leave it. However, post marriage shifting a house is becoming a torturous thing to do. What used to be a wake up, pack up and go to a new place, is now keep on awaking, keep on packing and don’t yet ready to go. What keeps you awake? - so many things to consider, so many options to weigh out, so many trade offs to make. What keeps me on packing? Well, Post marriage - this is quite obvious.

Although it’s only me and my wife, I can visualize why people look to settle down after having a family. Age is merely an excuse.

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anshuiitk said...

Well.. first part is true that you are so stubborn when it comes to moving ... Its all about perception, when it comes to moving and its not about being married and not being married ... You need to understand the modern physics of the flat world and not move around with all your belong .. start learning how to dump things :)