Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dadubhai - with me always.

"Dadubhai, bolo to manipurer rajdhani ki?" ( Dadubhai, can you tell me what is the capital of Manipur?) ; bolo to india te kotogulo state ache? ( tell me number of States in India).
This is how I would sit with my Dadubhai after he came back from Office. I used to sit with him for hours. He would speak on diverse topics such has academics, general knowlegde, politics and would talk about virtues of life. In summer vacation I used to go to his place and spend a substantial time with him. Although I could not and can not adopt all the good qualities that my dadubhai had, whatever I learned from him would influence my character and life to a great extent. 

An epitome  of simplicity, integrity and impeccable honesty - my dadubhai was a strong man. He believed in his principles and followed throughout his life. He never compromised his integrity, never stooped before the society. Considering the fact that he worked as an officer in BDO (Block Development Office), could have made a fortune had he taken any wrong path. Many a times he was offered bribe by many people in order to get things done;however, he never deviated from his principle and did not accept a single favor from any one. He used to tell me how people wanted to get the work done and how he declined the offer. He used to take pride in his action. Probably that is what strikes me most. 

He was a very good teacher, a very good motivator. He would ask me a question and flatter me after I answered it correct. He knew that mere preaching does not help a child acquire those gyans. He had an unique style of demonstrating good things by making me work for him. For instance, every morning, before going to office, he would ask me to polish his shoes, would ask me to get his neatly ironed Dhoti. By making me do these, he had already made me understood the importance of good grooming. Similarly, he would ask me to accompany him to temples, would ask me to get him a good book to read. 

In childhood, consciously or unconsciously we tend to be close with the person who has a special connection with the child. As the child grows, the bond with this person leaves an everlasting footprints in child's future. So was the case with my Dadubhai and me. He is no more with me but, his teachings and his blessings will always be an integral part of my life.

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