Tuesday, January 11, 2011


One winter morning, I headed for office and something unusual drew my attention. Most the cars in the car parking had their wind shield wipers up. Although the view drew my attention, my mind didn’t find it significant enough to think about. May be company is providing free car wash to all the cars in the garage, may be its wiper up day in the company, or may be…who cares.
After the office time, I was excited to see my first snowfall in US. It was a great feeling until I reached my car and found it buried behind snow. I started removing the snow. At this point it crossed me that somebody mentioning, the car roof top, lights and wind shield glass should be snow free before you hit the road. I managed to clear good amount of snow but my hands were numb. I jumped inside the car and thought that rest of the snow from the windshield could be removed by the wiper. Turned on the wiper, nothing happened. Checked again, same result. When I came out to find what had happened to the wiper, just then I realized why everybody kept their wipers up. I learned it a hard way. It took around 10-15 mins in freezing cold before I could make the wiper work again.
The very next day, I changed my browser welcome page to weather.com.
Weather forecast plays a significant role in New England, if not in whole USA. Almost accurate prediction of day’s weather determines how the day will shape up. I am writing this from my home today late at night, because I don’t need to be worried about waking up early tomorrow. Weather.com predicts a snow storm tomorrow.
It reminds me the scene in Swedesh, where the head of the village asks Sahrukh :”…what do you do in Amrica? …”
Sahrukh : “….well… I work in NASA…”
Vilagers: “..what des it manufacture?....”
Sahrukh: “..Hmm..well…”
His Aunt interrupts and to show off the her association with Sahrukh, promptly replies: “..Satellite helps us to do weather forcast..like, where it would rain, when it would rain etc..”.
One of the wise man among villagers(sarcastically): “..well, Sahdev (a native villager) can also predict weather, by looking at the sky..He does not go to Amrica for that..”. he then calls Sahdev.
Sahdev comes and staring at the sky: “ Sky is clear..Its not gonna rain for 2 days …”

Long live Sahadev.com..sorry weather.com.

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