Thursday, January 13, 2011

Items On Sale

‘Grab the best deal on thanksgiving…’. Thanksgiving passed by. Here comes another sale season of Christmas. Just when Santa is done with his shopping of gifts on sale, shopping malls start alluring customers with yet another attractive sales offer for new year. Well, things are going to be quite for some time – I thought. Long live consumerism, TV commercials are flooded with post holiday season sales. Then winter sale, spring sale, summer sale ….Sale season does not seem to end in USA.
During post holiday sale in first week of New Year, I could not control my curiosity to visit the shopping mall. I was surprised to see a full parking lot. People leave no opportunity to garb the best deal of the sale season. In other words, they keep shopping through out the year. Sometimes, I wonder, I would be most foolish person on earth if I buy some stuff with its original price, because, the item might retain its original price tag for just few days. Rest of the time it will be sold with the SALE price.

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