Thursday, February 17, 2011

Car Accident

My brain went blank as I found myself at the middle of the intersection while taking the left turn. A speeding car from the right lane of the opposite direction banged my front wheel. Before my brain could react, the damage was done. By the grace of God, neither of us was injured. The moment of staring at the speeding car was horrific and beyond any words. It was like helpless and petrified in front of a bullet train, like an idle rabbit ready to be grasped by sharp paws of a haunting eagle.

It all happened in a bright sunny winter morning. I was getting ready to drop my wife in the train station. My wife once asked me not to start so early. She had an option to catch the next train and hence we could have started bit late. But who can beat the destiny? I was on my way back from station and just then the incident happened. Good Morning….

The accident blocked the traffic and the scene was crazy in a busy Wednesady morning. Called the 911 for the first time and with in 5-10 mins officers were busy clearing the traffic. After few initial formalities, they called a tow truck and my car was towed away.

Now the fun part - while heading to home in a cab, the driver started a friendly discussion with me. During the conversation, I told him about the accident I met with. Suddenly he made a call to his office and told everyone about the gentleman he is picking up. Later he told me that his office was informed about the nasty traffic jam where my accident had taken place. All the drivers were informed about it. It seemed, he took pride in picking up the person involved in the incident and informed everyone about it. Feels good to be known and to be felt important in someone’s life - does not matter how.

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